Parents are welcome to meet with the class teachers once a week to discuss any issue concerning the child; the time of the meeting is determined by the KG Administration.

In case of having unresolved issues with the class teacher, please make an appointment to meet with the KG Headmistress together with the Kg counselor. Here in Manarat El-Maadi KG department, we make sure to have an open line of communication with the parents; we work together hand in hand.

conferences are
held twice during
the school year.
Once during the
first term,the
second during 2nd

REPORTS: Written reports to parents are issued twice a year. These reports contain information about the student’s achievement in each subject area, as well as comments about his/her social development.
•You will receive and discuss your child’s reports as well as his/her accomplishments, strengths and overall progress with his /her teachers during these meetings that will be held during a school free Thursday without the students. You will be informed with the exact dates beforehand.