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New Year Party

KG Department Christmas Art Week

Kidzinia Trip KG2 - American

Kidzinia Trip KG1 - Pre-K

Open Day For KG2 Pink - KG1 Pink -KG2 Purple - KG1 Star

Open Day For KG2 Yellow - KG1 Yellow -KG2 Green - KG2 Heart

Open Day For KG2 Red - KG1 Red -KG1 Green - Pre-K Silver

Open Day For KG2 Diamond - KG2 Blue-KG1 Blue - Pre-K Gold

Pyjama Day- PRE-K

Pyjama Day- KG 1

Pyjama Day- KG2-American

Sports Day- KG2-American

Sports Day- KG1

Kids Station Trip American - KG 2

Kids Station Trip Pre-K - KG1

Activities Magazine

Welcome Party

Art Session

Welcome Back KG 2

Welcome KG 1

Aladdin play

Fashion Day "Part 2"

زيارة مسجد العظيم وكنيسة الأنبا انطونيوس بزهراء المعادي

Fashion Day "Part 1"

Kidzinia Trip

The Circus Trip

The Open Day

Look At Us We Are Fit

Dragon Island Trip

New Year Celebration