School Administration

School Adminstration


General Manager


Mrs. Nadia Masoud
School Principal

Mrs. Nadia Nasef

Mrs. Nadia Nasef
                  Vice Principal of the School                     ( American – National – IGCSE )

Academic Staff


Mrs. Taghreed Ibrahim
American School Coordinator

Mrs. Mona El-DEsouky

Mrs. Mona El-Desouky
IGCSE School Coordinator

kg cord.

Mrs. Nihad Waffa
KG Department Coordinator


MRS. Gehan Abdallah
Primary National School Coordinator

ms amany

MRS. Amany Hablas 
Preparatory & Secondary Stage National School Coordinator

Supervisors of Teaching Departments

English & Social-Studies Department Supervisor ( A.D )

Mrs. Taghreed Ibrahim

English Department Supervisor ( National )

Mrs. Ragya Tawfik 
Mrs. Rasha Zaki
Mrs. Amir Mahmoud

Arabic Department Supervisor ( 1 to 5 A.D )

Mrs. Zeinab Galal

Arabic Department Supervisor ( 6 to 12 A.D )

Mr. Abdel Baset Ahmed

Arabic Department Supervisor ( National )

Mr. Ahmed Mosa 
Mrs. Nagwa Moh. Rashad

Math Department Supervisor & Math.
Consultant in A.D & National

Mrs. Niveen Sayed

Science Department Supervisor ( National )

Mr. Mohamed El-Agamy

Mrs.Eman El-Wakad

Science Department Supervisor ( A.D )

Mrs. Mai Sayed (1-5)
Mr. Shoukry Mohamed (6-12)
Mrs. Nesreen Adel (Physics 12)

German Department Supervisor ( A.D & National )

Mrs. Moushira Abd El Hamid

French Department Supervisor ( A.D & National )

Mrs. Suzan Ibrahim

Computer Department Supervisor ( A.D & National )

Mr. Hisham Fathy

Social Studies Department Supervisor
( National Subjects – National & A.D )

Mr. Walid Anani
Mrs. Hanaa Mohamed

Art Department Supervisor

Mr. Ibrahim Abd Allah

Music Department Supervisor

Mrs. Yassmin Mostafa

P.E. Department Supervisor

Mr. Mahmoud Sherbeny

Financial Controller

Mr. Ahmed Ali

Administrative Coordinator

Mr. Ibrahim Shams El-Din

Head of Admission Office

Mrs. Mona El Dosoky

Head of Human resources

Mr. Magdy Abdel Rahim

Student Affairs


Mr. Hamed El-Ayouty

Mrs. Sherin Mostafa